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Growing is Complete!

Posted by on August 7th, 2013 in Development, Growing


[Crossposted from] YEAH, I’ve released my game! Here’s a link to the landing page. You can also get to it via the Games section of my blog.

That’s what’s UP! Many of you who know me well know this is a pretty big deal for me. The rest of you probably know little to nothing about the game, or even that Growing is a game. That’s my fault! I’m going to be more open about future game projects.

I started Growing at a game jam in May 2011. The theme was “Motherhood,” and the idea was that I would give this game as a present to my mom when I completed it. By the end of the jam, I had a working prototype that I refined over the next few months.

I threw myself into the work in my off-time. By October, I had an almost completed game that I felt pretty good about. But all that changed in an afternoon, when my backpack get stolen with my laptop, wacom tablet, and all my game’s design notes inside. I hadn’t bothered to keep my project up to date in source control (a decision whose stupidity is only really considered in hindsight) and as a result the only remaining copy of the project I could find was from the beginning of the summer, not long after the game jam.

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Gravity Ghost funtimes, deconstructed

Posted by on November 12th, 2012 in Development, Gravity Ghost

Oh hello!

The latest Gravity Ghost devlog is up, and as always, it’s full of pictures like this:

It makes perfect sense if you’re me.

And if you’re interested in game design, I also talk about the evolution of the terraforming mechanic, and how we took a behavior that players seemed to enjoy (running in circles) and turned it into something directly rewarding.

I also talk about how the terraforming co-evolved with the girl character’s light trail, and how we almost made a terrible, terrible mistake. You can read it here!



Inputting in the LA Gamespace Kickstarter

Posted by on November 12th, 2012 in Development

My man Adam, of AttractMode fame, is putting together this totally bananas artist collective thing! It’s super neat and cool! CONTRIBUTE!

I donated an old prototype to his Kickstarter. It’s called Inputting and it looks like this:


Check it out and donate to the kickstarter if you want to play!