Indie Game House

This is the story of five game developers living together until they all kill each other either on accident or on purpose.  In no particular order, they are…


Steve owns the house in which indiegamehouse is a house. Also the pool. Don’t you forget it.  He’s the lead designer of the Atlantis Remixed project at Arizona State University. In his Indie time, he’s designing a first person puzzle platformer called Scale and other small bits and bobs and board games.


Erin moved all her stuff and four tiny zebra finches to the indiegamehouse in 2010. She’s made a bunch of games: Spooks, Nanobots, Little Girl in Underland, Dude Icarus, Puzzle Bots, and is currently making Gravity Ghost. She has a weakness for old shareware games (anyone else remember Bio Menace??) and once made it to the other side of Mars in Commander Keen 1.



Kyle secretly moved into a room of the indiegamehouse when Steve wasn’t looking.  He’s released a bunch of games in his day, including Bonesaw: The Game, Verge, depict1, and most recently Offspring Fling!  When he’s not sitting around working on games and pretending to work on games, he spends most of his time playing old video games that nobody cares about anymore like Unreal Tournament 2004.  Challenge him sometime.


Corey was living on the roof of indiegamehouse for six months before anyone noticed. Now she lives like a normal person and even sleeps in a BED. She works at GoDaddy as a web developer by day. By night she works on passion projects like Growing. She’s just like Batman except if batman made games instead of killing people all vigilante. She also leads the Phoenix IGDA!


Spaceships in SPAAAAAAAAACE!

The excess of Indie-Particles in such a tight space created a time-space portal to Toronto. Michael Todd tripped and fell in. He’s still trying to get back home. Michael owns MichaelToddGames(.com), loves working on ElectronicSuperJoy(.com) and is part of a traveling Jug Band.