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IGH Podcast – Episode 6

Posted by on February 20th, 2014 in IGH Podcast

Finally after 3 months everyone is back in the house, together, at the same time!  Including a special guest: Michael Todd!  He’s back and better than ever.  Check out the newest episode of the Indie Game House Podcast 2014 edition!

IGH Podcast - Episode 6

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Here’s a quick overview on what we probably talked about:

  • Kickstarter
  • Publishers
  • Our Current Projects
  • Property Bags
  • Electronic Super Joy
  • TowerFall

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Offended?  Let us know!  As always special thanks to Ben Prunty for our awesome theme song, and Greg Wohlwend for our super cool logo.

  • Anthony

    Regarding stand-up, Put Your Hands Together is a really great Podcast.

  • Boo

    When’s the next episode? 😀

  • Excited Listener

    Recently found out about your website and about what your group does. I’m very excited to know that indie-games exist and are being created here in Arizona. As a Phoenician who has lived her whole life here, when I research ‘games’ for AZ, it pretty much directs me to Casino gaming — I am overjoyed to know there are creators, designers and artists like your team that creates ‘real’ games, video games. 😀

    Maybe their has always been an indie-game presence here and I’m only just discovering it but thank you for hosting your website, thank you for exsiting. It is a beacon of hope for people like myself who want to explore and learn more about what it takes to be in the gaming industry.

    I have so many questions for your team. How do you balance making games and your job(s)? What are your careers outside of the the gaming-realm? What software programs do you prefer? In your team how many of you are programmers, artists, etc. I’d love to have you all explain your different roles or strong suits. What did you all study? Ok… I’m typing too much but I’m hyper so… yah. Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.