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Gravity Ghost funtimes, deconstructed

Posted by on November 12th, 2012 in Development, Gravity Ghost

Oh hello!

The latest Gravity Ghost devlog is up, and as always, it’s full of pictures like this:

It makes perfect sense if you’re me.

And if you’re interested in game design, I also talk about the evolution of the terraforming mechanic, and how we took a behavior that players seemed to enjoy (running in circles) and turned it into something directly rewarding.

I also talk about how the terraforming co-evolved with the girl character’s light trail, and how we almost made a terrible, terrible mistake. You can read it here!



Inputting in the LA Gamespace Kickstarter

Posted by on November 12th, 2012 in Development

My man Adam, of AttractMode fame, is putting together this totally bananas artist collective thing! It’s super neat and cool! CONTRIBUTE!

I donated an old prototype to his Kickstarter. It’s called Inputting and it looks like this:


Check it out and donate to the kickstarter if you want to play!



IGH Podcast featuring Ben Prunty! – Episode 3

Posted by on November 1st, 2012 in IGH Podcast

Hey y’all!  Recently we had Ben Prunty visit the Indie Game House so we sat down and chatted about various things with him for an hour.  Ben is the music man for the recent super smash hit game FTL.  FUN FACT:  This episode also features our brand new intro music which was created by Ben!

IGH Podcast - Episode 3 - Ben Prunty

Download the episode directly right here.

We actually recorded this episode about 2 weeks ago but a bunch of stuff came up and I forgot to post it.  We talk about all kinds of stuff, but of course we’re going to talk about Greenlight a little bit again.   Here’s all the stuff we talk about! Read More »