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IGH Podcast – Episode 2

Posted by on September 30th, 2012 in IGH Podcast

Stand back, because the Indie Game House is dropping another podcast bombshell on this blogosphere.

IGH Podcast - Episode 2

If the fancy player doesn’t work, then you can download the audio file.

We didn’t have a special guest this time, but we did have a lot to say!  I went to PAX at the beginning of the month, and Steve and Erin just got back from Fantastic Fest (and Fantastic Arcade.)  We touch upon the great new indie darling Mark of the Ninja by Klei, who is now setting the bar of quality for indie games even higher than it was before!  We also talk about Steam Greenlight stuff, and a whole bunch of other things.

Here’s a more detailed list of what was covered.

Once again, if you have any feedback for us then just let us know in the comments.  We have yet to improve our microphone situation, but hopefully down the road when this becomes a more regular thing we can invest in some better audio equipment.  This episode was recorded on just a Macbook microphone… we tried to use a Snowball mic but we couldn’t get it to pick us all up at a distance.  If anyone has any mic recommendations for a small group podcast we’re all ears.  I should also mention that I didn’t edit out the crickets this time, so you can experience the true sensation of being in the indie game house.

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  • Erik Skoglund

    Awesome podcast. Keep it up. But damn, that cricket was annoying!

    • Kyle

      Thanks! I’ll noise cancel out the crickets in the future recordings 🙂

  • Just dropping in to show some love and say that I’m looking forward to future installments. *virtual high five*